Pittman Outdoors Pool Inflatable X-Game Beer Pong Table with Glow in the dark cup holders for Up to Four Players

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The Pittman Outdoors Inflatable Pong X-Game brings your favorite pong game to the pool or river. Great at parties, riverside camping, or hanging out at the cabin. These are the latest and greatest pool beer pong and can also be used as rafts and party barges to hold all of your beer and food in the pool.

  • Unique X Design For Up To Four Players
  • Glow in the dark cup holders because the fun shouldn't stop when the sun goes down
  • Inflatable Party Pong Game Table
  • Great for the pool or river
  • Repair Patch Kit with Glue
  • Red/White
  • 45" x 34" x 18" Inflated